Lecturing in the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana

I had the pleasure (and terror!) of lecturing for CBR students in the University of Winneba with physiotherapist Robert Dulay and occupational therapist Jenna Kobara on visible and invisible disabilities as well as the role of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. I didn't expect such a big crowd and as soon as I opened my mouth to introduce myself, EVERY one laughed. All 200 of them. Transpires it was my accent that was funny.

Occupational therapy is an emerging profession in Ghana. This year, the first cohort of Ghanaian OTs graduated and began to integrate into healthcare services across the country forging their role and helping bring therapeutic occupation into their communities. Such an exciting time! Ghana is somewhat new to disability advocacy and rights but they have moved fast in a few short years.

CBR or Community Based Rehab, is a is a type of health care specific to developing countries in which community based programmes are established for social integration, health care, support and access to services for people with disabilities. These CBR students were nothing short of amazing and I was consistently impressed by the can-do attitude to disability and ability with little resources available.

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Katie Kerley
Katie is from Dundalk and trained as an occupational therapist in Trinity College Dublin, graduating in 2008. Katie is the clinic director and supervises the occupational therapy team. She frequently acts as clinical educator for student occupational therapists both from Ireland and abroad.